Whats on offer in and around Axminster?

Take a closer look at a great town

Whether you live here or visit, there is something special about Axminster. Scratch the surface and you find a strong underlying sense of friendship and community spirit. We also have glorious countryside, access to beautiful coastline … and loads to do!

We have brought it all together into a new pocket-size Shoppers & Visitors Map which is available at shops around the town. You can also view it here on our website along with our assessment of what is special.


Calling all traders. If you don’t yet appear on this site, please go to the foot of the page and find ‘Submit Your Trader Listing’. It’s free, quick and easy. And when it’s place you will have password access to update it at any time. You will also be able to show specific offers and events. We will support you via social media.

Meet a few of your independent local traders

It makes you think

* Your money multiplies when you spend it locally

If you spend £10 in Axminster it is typically worth £50 because the trader pays wages and buys from other businesses

* Local traders care about you

They serve you as an individual and support the community in a host of ways. If you use national chains for items that could be bought locally, nothing comes back into our local economy

* Buying local makes your town better

By spending money in Axminster, you contribute to the local economy, supporting employment and adding to the wellbeing of our community