Totally Locally Axminster was born in the summer of 2019 when a small group of worried traders gathered to discuss the wider impact of the impending closure of the Trinity House department store. We decided that we needed to turn our fears into action.

Our first move was to join the nationwide Totally Locally movement which gave us access to some well tested and inspirational thinking on turning around high streets. It also gave us free access to a raft of brilliant printable resources that could be amended to suit our local needs. We also allied ourselves to Axminster Chamber of Trade who kindly act as our bankers (though we raise our own funds).

In early October, we launched our first loyalty initiative — a ‘Fiver Fest’, which rapidly gathered support from more than 40 traders and delivered the key ‘shop local ‘ message right across the community. We shouted it from the rooftops – and even from the telly and radio!

We also successfully persuaded Goulds of Dorchester to let us fill the windows of Trinity House with positive local information once its store closed in November. Close on top of that came our ‘Xmas Trail’, with no fewer than 50 businesses throwing their weight behind a seasonal loyalty scheme.

The work is done by volunteers who have no job titles other than ‘doer’. We operate without rules – other than ‘get it done’. And we demand only postivity about our town and its future.

More help is always welcome – just email totallylocallyaxminster@gmail.com and one of us will call you.