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I have lived in Axminster now for the past 26 years, and in 2016 I married the town crier Nicolas Goodwin. He now works for the Arts cafe as a Chef. I worked for the NHS for the past 24 years servicing first as a clinical support worker, then later I learned. new skills and became a hospital receptionist. Through the COVID 19 my Job was no more, as I was on the bank and they didn't need me to cover anymore. Also worked for a care agency as a home carer, but again the COVID 19 meant that I couldn't really return to do this, due to my health and age. My care agency however, became struck for face masks as they couldn't get any, so being needle crafty I offered to make them for temporary measures, This is how I became doing my masks, as people liked them and asked for one. They are good for covering and protecting others, so as soon as their PPE came though they were able to use these for anyone with the virus. Due to my lack of work, I also started painting again, and making my greeting cards from my art work. This kept me busy. I have always loved doing ARTS and CRAFT work. I am now hoping that I can expand my hobbies and make a business out of it from home. If possible I will look for other ways to sale my goods. This site is so good to promote our lovely town of Axminster.


56 Willhayes Park


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