How you can help

Give Axminster a hand

Will you give Axminster a helping hand?

It’s obvious really. If you shop local, your support for Axminster’s independent businesses keeps both them and the town centre alive. It also helps to create employment and makes the town a livelier and more interesting place where people want to be.

You obviously won’t be able to satisfy all your shopping needs in Axminster but it helps if you consider it to be your first port of call. Please think about making the click to spend online a second choice.

Accept that buying locally may sometimes cost more because small traders will often find it impossible to compete with the buying power of conglomerates. But if you can afford a little more then maybe it’s worth it to support your town. Treat it as an investment in Axminster.

Spread the word. The fact that you are on this page says that you are minded to shop local. Please ask your friends and neighbours to think about this important issue and get them to recognise that ‘if you don’t use it, you lose it’!